I don’t want to brush off all the good things that happened in the past year but 2017 was a tough one. I’ve learned through the hard way. If I could zoom out all my life events, it’s gonna look like a roller coaster trails, some ups, downs, and many twists too.

I failed hard

After coming back from abroad, I sunk into a depressive spell. I was broken-hearted. Not merely because I wasn’t able to stay in London, it was because I failed to reach my ultimate goal. Throughout my life, I never had a major failure and I never knew how to face it.

I failed to prove myself (and others) that I can do the impossible, at least that is what many people said it is.

I worked remotely and got to be the cool person who hops from café to café

It was such a great and fun four months! I got to schedule my own working and personal time. I get to change my office view every day (or every few hours if I want!), travel anywhere on the weekdays and meet inspirational startup people!

See my experience here 🙂

Hopping from café to café on a daily basis

Working as a web content manager has introduced me to writing and the blogging industry. It allows myself to express my emotion, experience and vision in a story.

I started this blog!

It all started when my best friend and I started complaining and expressing our anger, sadness, confusion to each other. Merely because it feels so much better after we share it with others. It makes us realize that there might be many people out there who are going through the same thing. Knowing that you’re not alone is the greatest feeling when you down cause naturally, as a human we want to be normal, normal like most people.

Hello Millennials is where we both feel free to express our stories. Sharing our unique perspectives, telling some untold stories or letting the world know that it’s ok to be different.

i got a job that I’ve been working hard for

My job is not the usual 9-to-5 job nor I have a typical kinda day to explain. Working as an analyst in a consulting firm is such a hard work. I don’t get to have many free times on the weekdays, except in the early morning and a bit after 9 pm.

I enjoy working with the team and the company! I value people and here I meet many smart and great people here. I learned tons of new stuff which many of them sounds cool lol, something like, machine learning, APIs, agile, sprint planning, etc.

I must admit, the team that I work with love to chat. Sometimes, we joke too much and work less productive; causing us to work late to finish it. Thanks to all the online food delivery, food always brings us even closer!

Every time I’m out for meetings or work full-day on the client site, I do miss the team so much!

I travelled to some awesome places

I haven’t got the chance to travel overseas or going back to Europe. I had plenty of times to explore my own country, which is very peaceful and pretty!

My most recent trip was Makassar. A city on the Sulawesi island. The place is called Rammang-Rammang. Located 1.5 hours away from the city centre.

One of the best journey to nature I’ve ever had

The trip started with a river tour for about 30 minutes. The view was mesmerizing. The journey was accompanied by the green lush garden, wall of karsts and the calm river stream. After the river trip, I arrived at the actual site. The area is surrounded by mountain karsts, fields and greenery view everywhere. I stopped at a hut near the water spring, right on the top of the hills. It has become one of my favorite spots on earth 😀

The trip makes me think of how much beauty I haven’t seen in my own country.

Hello, 2018!

Every year, I always write down some goals I’d like to accomplish next year. Last year, I didn’t accomplish much but I created few new accomplishment I didn’t expect 🙂

And so does this year. I learned from my failures, I found exciting life projects from my experience and I realized that I could do much more. Here’s what I’ll try to hold on to next year.

1. Be more grateful

I realize that I’ve complained too much about the morning traffic, life drama, my expenses or love life. I’ve been focusing too much on the negativity and forgetting that I’ve had also earned and gained so many things!

2. Travel more

I found that I can get easily bored with the city life. I’m a beach person and I don’t mind to escape to the green view for the weekend too.

Living in a beautiful country like Indonesia, I should have known my country better and explored it as much as I could. Some people said travelling makes you happy. I’d say it makes me happy and keeps me inspired. Cheers for the adventurous year ahead!

3. Read more books

In 2017, I had a problem to put my phone down. I’ll be stuck looking at my Instagram or Facebook for hours! Hopefully, books can help.

In the past year, I’ve tried to read more books than the previous years. I knew that I’d need to keep learning and widening my perspective about new ideas, technology, social, or any trending topics. So let’s bring the books and read some more.

I have a mixed feeling facing 2018. It has become scarier and more challenging than previous years. As I get older, the stake is high and I couldn’t just wave the goals and live my life. I guess life should be more meaningful, happier and enjoyable once you get older 🙂

Happy new year, everyone!


Alifa is a marketer who ended up in tech. A newbie expat in Singapore. She tries to turn her complaints, struggles and memorable moments being a 20-something millennials into a life 'win & learn'; hoping that maybe others would benefit from it. When she’s not writing, she enjoys beaches, workout and pizza.

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