If a fear cannot be articulated, it can’t be conquered” – Stephen King

Among all other possible scenario that millennials are afraid of such as commitments, zombie apocalypse, experiencing The Purge, or probably having no internet connection, millennials will confront their biggest fear as they are going through life. Eventually, we will realize that the future is not as ideal as what we might expect. Some people will say that millennials will go great lengths to prove they will never become those fears.

The fear of being uncool

While I am a pom-pom girl to freedom of information and self-expression and we are one of the luckiest generation to have enjoyed all these privileges, I think that it is hard to self-expressed when you think you are doing something uncool. A lot of young people out there probably feels that their daily life is boring and that you only post things that are “cool enough.” It is so hard when you are stuck in traffic in the city and saw a post about someone having their vacation on the Bahamas. Or when you are having a bad hair day and a bad day and someone’s achieving something great in their life.

I once heard a line (a great one) which was, “don’t compare your behind-the-scenes struggles with everyone else’s highlight reel.” I mean, behind all those smoke screens we call the social-media, we never know what other people are going through as well. As a bit of advice (yes, the most awkward person here, talking) sometimes ignorance is a bliss and you should keep your focus on what’s important to you.

The fear of being mediocre

When we were young, we used to think about being a Rockstar or an astronaut and all those cool glamorous ideas on what the future should be. Growing up, we see all those amazing people who graduated from Harvard, own a multi-million business from the ground up, had the figure of an athlete and still manages to fight for human rights on their free time.

And then here we are, a mediocre person doing mundane thing every day, editing spreadsheet, doing grocery shopping, or working a 9-5 job. Millennials are afraid that this kind of lifestyle will continue, and it will define your whole life. We are not saving the world, we are not some sort of young Steve Jobs-ish, we might never be the next Beatles, we probably are not the next JK Rowling and we will just be boring old people.

Millennials have the noble goals of wanting to change the world and wanting to make life better for most people. I, for one, think that there is nothing wrong with wanting to make life meaningful. Millennials are predicted to be one of the most educated generation. We are seeing all these young people who tried to do all sort of cool things. All those MBA’s out there who created a social business, who tried to solve social problems, who is brave enough to stand up to gender discrimination, wanting to eliminate poverty and realizing that the world will not change unless you do something about it.

..A dash of optimism?

Although some people might say that it is easy for millennials to be able to label themselves CEO these days, it is a proof that these generations are brave enough to risk their time to build something rather than to wait for someone to say they are ready.

Maybe not all of us are CEOs, but I think millennials should appreciate more their idealism and goals.  We should also cheer more about the mundane things that we do daily. Watching movies with your friends, late-night talks, listening to a blink-182 song on the highway, maybe we are not wearing our superhero cape right now, but inside we can still be our own superstar.


In between weekend and overcaffeinated days, Najwa writes as a co-contributor of Hello Millennials as a form of sharing platform where she hopes to share her two cents on the brighter side of being a millennial on this day and age. As a proud alumna of The University of Edinburgh and Institut Teknologi Bandung, she has taken interest in international business, emerging markets and technology.

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