2017 is a bittersweet year. Like most people, this year I lose a lot, win some, but learnt a lot. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being the cliché millennials I am, these post is dedicated to what happened in 2017 and hopes for 2018.

A gratitude post

In 2017, Hello Millennials was finally live. It all started out when my best friend and I decided to visit  Global Venture Summit in Bali and after a few dishes of seafood and inspirational talk later, we realized that we need a platform where we can say anything we want about the trends, misunderstood millennials, and our raw opinion about life overall.

At that moment we were swamped up with work (even one of the event organizer asked us what time are we going to present at the stage, we did not, we were just working), we still managed to learn so much and meet some of the most interesting and creative people in the industry. We wanted to translate those bottled up feelings, rush, and passion into weekly articles. A few months later, Hello Millennials were born.

Even until now, there are many aspects that we are still working on to reach our initial goals. But seeing the concept came to life and the amazing response we get from our friends and family has been very heartwarming.

So, as a form of gratitude, we want to thank you readers from surprisingly different parts of the world, wherever you find out about us to put the time to read this. It really has been the highlight of my year!

(Another) Lessons

Looking back, this year has probably taught me loads of stuff and I did things I would never have planned if you asked me years ago. For one thing my best friend taught me about basic SEO, which I always try to clumsily implement in the website, the second highlight is I also become more educated in transfer pricing and Indonesian taxation (shout-out to my super cool colleagues!), and took some major decision in 2017. I cannot wait to learn more things in 2018.

These lessons, even though I am not the best person to probably deliver this and am not probably actively implementing this in my own life, are what my friends and colleagues have (literally) shared with me. Hopefully some of this will be useful:

Whether it’s good experience or bad experience, it will always be a good experience.

It is always better to fail early than later.

When the ship is sinking, we can always build a submarine.

There is always more than one way of doing things with limited resources.

Love what you do.

Sometimes you cannot find the ideal job, or situation, but to be grateful with what you have.

When you are under pressure, you will perform 110%.

As much as I hate saying this.. what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger than before.

The devil is in the details

Yes.. it is to pay attention to the margins, double spacing, different font, typos, misspell and paging.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Know your capacity and scream before you are drowning.

The storm will pass.. but then hurricane and ice storm will come.

Sometimes a hard situation will last. You just have to get stronger.

Be consistent.

Whether it’s the word we use or the font, or a set of values, be consistent.

A second eye will always be useful.

You are admittedly bias to your own work. That’s why we need other people.

Recheck and double check.

This does not sound like me but again, this year I have learnt to put attention to details.

There are not enough words to sum up the lesson I learnt, and we will continue sharing this. There are many projects, improvements and exciting things to look forward to in 2018.

A Millennial’s hopes for 2018

I hope that we find whatever we are looking for and be satisfied with what we currently have.

I hope that we can find ways to forgive people that disappoints you but most importantly to forgive yourself for whatever you are lacking.

When faced with problems, I wish we can rise above it and remember our initial cause and not curse afterwards.

Next year will not all be rainbows and unicorns. But I hope we can be more and more grateful despite the challenges we face.

So, let us cheer to a slightly more exciting 2018!


In between weekend and overcaffeinated days, Najwa writes as a co-contributor of Hello Millennials as a form of sharing platform where she hopes to share her two cents on the brighter side of being a millennial on this day and age. As a proud alumna of The University of Edinburgh and Institut Teknologi Bandung, she has taken interest in international business, emerging markets and technology.

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