In the past couple months, I’ve been exposed to so many articles, news and opinion about millennials. HR says that millennials often ask for special treatments, saying that we value passion and comfortability over money. Marketers are so obsessed with millennials! Being a marketer myself, I understand how this can help to scale a business – fyi, we are dominating the world market and continuously influencing the majority of people’s buying behaviours! On the other hand, previous generations say that we are hard to work with because we only care about what we want.

Since I just graduated last year and recently started my career, the topic about millennials and today job market fascinate me the most. Reading article after article, I noticed that there’s this one similar message that people keep mentioning. Something like: millennials are entitled people who care less about doing their job effectively and more about the perks like flexible times, free flow food and sleeping pods.

It definitely struck my attention. Do people really look at us like that?

The fact is that we live in the world full of competitions, rapid changes everywhere and a strong obsession about freedom. Thus, we can no longer survive only by following the ‘normal paths’ or old stereotypes that don’t make any sense in today’s world.

The good news is, today, millennials have broader options to start a career. Nope, I’m not here talking about the regular 9-5 job. Here are some exciting paths, the non-traditional jobs and cool stuff you should consider when you’re starting out your career or having doubt on what you’re doing.

We are the ‘Millennipreneurs’

Millennipreneurs stands for millennial entrepreneur. A survey found that millennials today are starting more companies, managing more people and targeting higher goals than the previous generations. Millennials discovered entrepreneurship way earlier than baby boomers did. It is also interesting to know that 61% of millennials think that working for themselves is more secure than working for someone else.

Let’s take one step back and talk about what does the entrepreneurship here means. Back when I was in high school, I thought entrepreneurs are those who owned a business, like a selling real products, owning a cafe, basically anything with something physical.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

Entrepreneurship is way wider than that. Nowadays, I see entrepreneurship as being passionate and believing in what we’re doing. Of course, being your own boss is one of the examples. Thanks to the new technology, we can start a business from our own bed. And yes, you don’t even need to roll of your blanket.

I can see how many of my friends today have started their own business in many different ways. From starting a tech-startup, working their ass off establishing a venture capital, starting their own volunteering program to building a travel agent.

The ideal job that fit around our lifestyle

There’s no rule of what an ideal job is. It is different for everyone. Maybe some of us like to be in an office while others prefer to work at different places.

Social media is the new job market

Growing up with technology, it is easier for us to find our own ideal job but who expect social media would be a place to make some money?

Influencers like YouTubers, bloggers or any social media stars existed because of technology, particularly the Internet. A few years back, many people won’t consider these as real jobs. Even until today, I’m pretty sure some people still think the same.

Many great entrepreneurs started their careers from social media, like a UK beauty blogger, Zoella, or a media startup owner, Casey Neistat. The Internet gives Millennials space to be creative without boundaries. We can reach people from all over the world, find anything we need and do whatever we want here.


I used to think freelancing is a side job for just making extra money. And yet, I’m wrong again. Many people can live with this. In fact, millennials are also called as freelance-natives.

Freelancing today is the same with freelancing many years ago but people’s perceptions change. We are now more open towards the idea of nomad and unsettled. We love changes and we have no fear for that. A freelance fits perfectly to this kind of lifestyle, where you can work from anywhere and anytime.

Freelancer can be a consultant, developer, website designer and much more! You can pretty much invent your own job based on your lifestyle preferences.

A Few things to remember

Finding the ideal job, either after graduating or just a personal urge of wanting to change your life is never easy.

Stay connected

Millennials are the connected generation, keep that in mind, peeps! We understand that networking is a great way to success. When I was looking for jobs, networking helped me opening up new opportunities. I approached alumnus who worked in a field that I would like to work in and asked them about career advice. I talked to people with the same profession when I had some doubt about my job. Believe me, some exciting opportunities are not available online.

Life is not equal with job

Whatever kind of jobs you decided to pursue, from a very serious consultant kinda thing or a more fun job as a creative content maker, your job is not your life. I think, it great to balance our work-life with something that we enjoy. Do whatever makes you happy, maybe work as a volunteer, join a community or travel regularly.

When I decided to start my career in the consulting industry, I realised that I’d need something that keep me exciting every week. I must admit that up until I write this post, I’m very lucky to work on such an interesting project at the company I’m working at.

millennial writing journal

Then, I become curious about writing and so into it lately. I found it fun to write a tiny bit of my life into a story that I hope some people will enjoy. It keeps me exciting to see what’s next on my adventure.

career-changing is absolutely normal

True stories, one of my friends who took a master in human resource decided to completely change his career dream from a human resource consultant to a programmer. Another friend of mine decided to pursue her passion in Yoga after completing her master degree. Yes, it is possible.

Some people might say career changing is too extreme and not a wise decision to do. But, I think when we do it right and accept the consequences, both good and bad, it is totally fine. Stop overthinking what people say. If you want to change something, do it right. Make some plans and prepare for worst scenarios.


Alifa is a marketer who ended up in tech. A newbie expat in Singapore. She tries to turn her complaints, struggles and memorable moments being a 20-something millennials into a life 'win & learn'; hoping that maybe others would benefit from it. When she’s not writing, she enjoys beaches, workout and pizza.

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