Najwa Assilmi

In between weekend and overcaffeinated days, Najwa writes as a co-contributor of Hello Millennials as a form of sharing platform where she hopes to share her two cents on the brighter side of being a millennial on this day and age. As a proud alumna of The University of Edinburgh and Institut Teknologi Bandung, she has taken interest in international business, emerging markets and technology.

Imagine you are at a party, or a social gathering where you, as an introvert felt the slight nervousness and that occasional nervous stomach ache. While some people enjoy being in a center of the crowd, I am not the kind of people who would actively choose to…

Love can happen anywhere anytime

Here’s the thing about love, it is never a dull topic. When I finished my degree and came back to my country I feel like I have a different perspective about love in general. Since I grew up in an Asian country, where speaking the topic of love…