Alifa Putrinda

Alifa is a marketing graduate and currently building a career in a global consulting firm. She loves to write about her life, passion and struggles of being a 20-something millennial. When she’s not writing, she enjoys beaches, ice coffee and binge-watching Scandal.
digital nomads can work from anywhere

Flexible hours, no commuting needed and able to work from anywhere are the best perks of being digital nomads. Digital nomads are individuals who work remotely from wherever they live and travel. They often use public spaces like cafés, co-working space or using the Internet to support their…

Tinder millennials are defining the new dating terms

We, millennials, live in two worlds, one that didn’t need the Internet to fall in love and one that requires it. We’re not the like the gen x, who are raised on technology; we grew up as it was being developed. Speaking about love, many of us, millennials,…

London view from across the bridge

I wasn’t expecting that leaving for Manchester was way easier than returning home to Indonesia. I’ve lived out a number of exciting experiences over the past years; getting my degree, traveling across Europe, making friends with people around the world, going to a muddy music festival, being independent…