About us

We are not those people who quit their normal jobs and live their life travelling the world and blogging. Just like other millennials, we intentionally got caught up in the busy life of a big city, trying to make a living.

After living abroad, we moved to Jakarta post-graduation, and often found ourselves debating the status quo.

We find something thrilling about millennials, we are not just different from the previous generations but we create the new normal.

This is is for people who want a perspective about how millennials see the world.

The authors

The authors: Najwa (left) and Alifa (right)

Alifa Putrinda

Alifa is a marketing graduate and currently building a career in a global consulting firm. She loves to write about her life, passion and struggles of being a 20-something millennial. When she’s not writing, she enjoys beaches, ice coffee and binge-watching Scandal.

Najwa Assilmi

In between weekend and overcaffeinated days, Najwa writes as a co-contributor of Hello Millennials as a form of sharing platform where she hopes to share her two cents on the brighter side of being a millennial on this day and age. As a proud alumna of The University of Edinburgh and Institut Teknologi Bandung, she has taken interest in international business, emerging markets and technology.